Battery point by Stephanie Price

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Stephanie Price re-creates captivating and serene scenes with a reoccurring theme of boats, rivers, water and beautiful landscapes. Fresh from a recent exhibition at the RWA, Stephanie will be exhibiting at Justnanco Fine Arts Gallery for her second solo exhibition.

Viewing Stephanie’s images you find your self in a mesmerized state of mind, getting completely lost in her transformation of an everyday setting. Her images capture a remote landscape, stripping away any sign of life and concentrating on purely on the movement and objects in our day-to-day surroundings, which are often ignored due to the disorder of people within those sceneries. Honing an impressionist style Stephanie uses many earthy, rich, bright and pure colours, carefully applied brushstrokes are visible and the play of natural light is emphasised in her pointilist style of painting. A close attention is played to each detail and paint is applied in impasto in short thick strokes, capturing the essence of the subject. 

Artist Stephanie Price

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Ref: ''Battery point''

Dimensions:  17'' x 15'' inches

Price: £350

Tags: Battery point by Stephanie Price

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