Commissionning Art

Did you know that you can often have an artist or maker create a piece of work especifically for you. It'll be to your specifications, a complete one-off and stand out from what is offered on the High Street!  This is known as commissioning. With commissioning, you don't just end up with something that is unique to you, but you also become part of the design process. Comissioning work should be fun and enjoyable.  Stephen from the Justnanco Fine Art Gallery says......

'Commissioning a piece of art peice be it a painting, glassware, ceramic, pottery, stained glass etc. is not only incredibly easy but a very enjoyable process.We remind our customers that it should be fun and fulfilling.

We work on a one to one basis with customers who have not found that special piece of art piece or who have a strong idea of their style and individuality.

Contrary to belief, it is a very affordable process and Own Art ( who justnanco is proud to be associated with) makes it even more accessible. We work with customers individual budgets and requests (bespoke commissions start from £500). It may be a wedding present, special anniversary piece or something to mark a moment in time.'

When you are thinking about commissioning, start by understanding what kind of work you really like and what the context for the piece is.  Do you prefer a particular style?  Who or what is the work for? Is it for you? Is it for your home? Is it a gift? By looking at the eclectic mix of artworks and interior decor accents on our website, you can start to gain an idea about the artists and type of work that you like. The next best thing to do is to put your thoughts down on paper. This will help crystalise your thinking and becomes the starting point for what is known as a brief.  You can use this when discussing the commission with our art consultant and the artist or maker. The brief is also a useful reference, which both you and the artist can refer back to during the process of making the work, and as a means to set a commissioning agreement.  We are always with you and will manage the commission as a project from begining to end. Your satisfaction is our guarantee hereat Justnanco Fine Art. Once you have an idea of what art work that you like, we can then work with you and the artist to begin the commissioning process. We can arrange for you to visit the artists' studios and for you to see other examples of their work where possible. Commissioning an artwork is only the begining of a dialogue which we hope will last a lifetime. Whatever you are thinking of commissioning, remember that you can make it more affordable by spreading the cost over 10 months with the Own Art scheme, through our Art gallery.

Commissioning a piece of art can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a project, provided it is effectively and efficiently managed. At Justnanco we work with artists, foundries, installation engineers, designers etc in coordinating and managing projects. We liaise with our clients, designers, contractors, artists and the public to provide a unique service to our clients. We undertake initial planning coupled with research in identifying and resolving technical issues. Where a public art project is being undertaken, we involve the public to generate and collate ideas and views to help make the project a success. We will guide you through the process of shortlisting, selecting, and briefing the most appropriate artist or foundry to participate in the project. We will draw up a contract with the artist for producing the work and take on the responsibility for monitoring the progress of the project to ensure it is completed on time and on budget. If you are looking for something 'special' and 'unique', you can commission a piece of an original art to perfectly fit your interior space.  Our gallery offers a range of styles by currently practicing artists and photographers who are available for commission.  We can also source showcase sculptures, textural and three-dimensional artworks for specific design projects. To commission a piece of art, simply tell us your requirements and we will do the rest.