Bespoke Conservation and Archival Framing

Here at Justnanco we specialise in Conservation and Archival Framing. We have the best craftsmen, knowledge, expertise and skill to undertake any archival and conservation framing to create instant heirlooms and preserve your most precious, artworks, pictures and documents.

The techniques and materials we use are designed to preserve and protect your artwork, pictures and documents. We often see artwork that has been improperly framed with acidic materials or inappropriate adhesives which cause damage especially to artworks on paper. For years, we have worked with one of the foremost paper conservators in the Southwest of England. We offer evaluations and estimates on paper conservation at no cost to our clients, and if you choose to proceed with conservation work you can be assured it is performed by experienced and exceptional conservators and bespoke framers. 

In framing, the materials that directly contact your art are of the greatest importance. Using non-archival (acidic) or inappropriate materials to adhere or support artwork can result in unnecessary damage and possible decrease in the artwork's monetary value. Reversibility is essential when adhesives are used to hinge artworks to their supports.

Following are a few basics about our archival process:


Museum Boards

Materials used at Conservation Framing Services—such as museum quality rag mat boards in a variety of widths and natural tones—are designed to protect and preserve your artwork. They are not only acid free but are designed to absorb acid from the art as well as the environment. Photographic work, for example, requires a specially treated museum board, formulated specifically for its photochemical make-up.

Backing Boards

A matted or floated artwork is backed for further protection with an acid free corrugated board or a corrugated plastic board when drastic humidity changes are a concern. It is then sealed with a paper tape, which protects the artwork while allowing an exchange of air.


Hinging is the process of attaching works on paper to a backing board, or support, often for the purpose of "floating" the artwork. This is done as an alternative to "over-matting" in which the mat is placed over the artwork. As with the selection of matting and frames, hinging must be tailored to the artwork in question. Depending on the weight of the paper on which the artwork is made, an appropriate hinge is chosen that will support the piece without restricting its natural movement over time. All hinges are made from acid free Japanese papers. Our adhesives are also acid free and reversible.


Glazing refers to the use of either glass or plexiglass as a practical barrier between your art and the atmosphere in which it is hung. This is necessary because of moisture, smoke, acidic fumes and a host of threatening conditions artwork often faces. Typically, we recommend the use of plexiglass over glass, as it is clear and visually indistinguishable from glass, yet will not break and pose a threat to your safety or that of your artwork. Museum quality UV-filtering plexiglass and glass are available and recommended for valuable artwork on paper and colour photography to protect them over time from the colour-fading UV-rays. These products also offer anti-reflective and anti-static properties.

What is conservation and Archival framing?

A mount and frame should always be selected to protect as well as enhance a picture. Unfortunately, some mounting and framing techniques not only fail to protect, but are potentially damaging to works of art. 'Conservation framing' is a term used to describe the use of materials and techniques which provide protection to framed works of art on paper. There are different levels according to the quality and specification of the materials used.

Why do works of art on paper need protection?

Paper is sensitive to its surroundings: it can be adversely affected by damp, changes in temperature and humidity, restriction of movement and exposure to light. Paper will also react to the materials with which it is in contact such as acidic support boards and self-adhesive tapes. Evidence of damage caused by adverse conditions can be seen in pictures with mount burns, foxing (small brown spots), fading of pigments or darkening and increasing brittleness of the paper.


Further Information on Framing:

Choosing the right frame for your artwork is very important and can be a difficult decision. Our attention to detail and our close relationship with our craftsmen, clients, Artist etc allows us to assist you in finding the appropriate frame for your artwork. The gallery deals with both public and commercial customers. All sizes of framing projects are available from single frames to large framing projects. Canvas stretching, mirrors made to measure and ready made frames are available.

We can advise you on:

  • Which frames will best enhance the beauty and impact of your artwork, while complementing your décor and personal taste.
  • The correct glass to use when framing works on paper – the importance of knowing the difference between Plexiglass, UV coated and museum quality glasses, etc.
  • The best way to care for your new frame – cleaning products can often remove gold leaf or finishes from frames.
  • Mounting your artwork to add depth or texture to your piece, the differences between mounting techniques such as over mounting and float mounting.
  • Archival framing – the different types of papers, pastes, and pressure-sensitive tapes that can be used to preserve the integrity of artwork.
  • Taking environmental issues into consideration – direct sunlight, humidity, heat, etc.
  • The proper backing for your work of art – only archival materials, such as acid-free foam board should be used to back artwork, so that mould and condensation are avoided.

Custom Framing

Bring along your limited editions, paintings, posters and photographs and get professional advice on the best framing options.

Moulding Range

There are over 500 stock mouldings available, including oak, ash, pine, obeche and aluminium frames. We also have a new range of FSC mouldings from managed forests and, for larger orders, we're able to order specific mouldings sourced from all the UK's major suppliers

Hand Finishing

We have a large range of natural wood mouldings that can be stained to match or complement your work. Finishes include stained, waxed, painted and special paint treatments.

Mountboards and Mountcutting

We have more than 200 different mountboards in stock in a wide range of colours and grades, from standard acid-free to museum quality. With our computerised mountcutter, we can offer a one-hour mountcutting service (Monday to Friday) and also stock a range of ready-cut mounts in various sizes, colours and number of windows.