Art Consultancy

Public & Corporate Art Consultancy
Justnanco runs an innovative consultancy service which caters for public and corporate art. Our service includes an extensive research of appropriate artists and foundry for a number of major commissioning opportunities. We prepare your public or corporate art strategy as well as undertaking research and involving the public to generate and collate views where necessary. Our team and partners have worked with developers around the world to place compatible and appropriate fine art and sculpture in public and corporate spaces. The sculptors, artists and foundries we work with have years of experience, skill and the technology to create art with exceptional brilliance and have been carefully selected for their ability to handle large scale projects and commissions for corporate headquarters, hotels, city centres, parks, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings and harbours etc.

At Justnanco, we believe that contemporary artwork plays a key role in enhancing and communicating the image, ethos and values of an organisation or business. We also believe that art can have a connection and synergy with spaces to create richer and more fulfilling surroundings. Art invigorates living and working environments and conveys a potent message to clients, investors, visitors, the public or patients. It inspires creativity, reduces stress and encapsulates the mind.

Whatever your taste, size, niche or size of your business, Justnanco provides professional, impartial and expert advice taking particular attention in working with our clients to reflect success and promote the synergy and dynamics of your organisation. 

Our purpose is to work together with our clients and business partners to give a value for money service and create art with exceptional brilliance - artworks with integrity and resonance for places that are stimulating, inspiring and responsive.

Our Consultancy services include:

  • An initial consultation to meet with you to clarify what you want to achieve, the time you have to achieve it and the results you expect to obtain.
  • Writing the art strategies, plans and briefs.
  • Having consultative sessions with the public where necessary to collate information and involve the local community.
  • Researching the artists, other practitioners, source appropriate works and present a portfolio of suggestions.
  • We will advise you on the display of the artwork and other related issues such as lighting, liability insurance and security.
  • Identifying the scope for commissions.
  • Organising a selection procedure with a panel and forging a collaboration between the artist and members of the team.
  • Devising funding strategies and alternatives - looking into percent for art and other funding alternatives.
  • Designing an evaluation toolkit that will inculcate a project analysis to evaluate the overall project.
  • Organising workshops, documentation, exhibitions, publications and consultation.
  • Organising conferences and giving presentations where necessary.
  • Advising on health and safety issues pertaining to installations.
  • Managing the project to a successful end.



We work collaboratively with leading interior designers, architects and property developers to source the appropriate works of art for both private and corporate spaces, traditional and modern. We are happy to consult and suggest paintings via email or visit a property for those seeking further advice. Artwork can be loaned and viewed in situ on short notice. Our clientele comprises of the NHS, Property Developers, Chartered surveyors, Hotels, Shopping Malls, GP’s, Religious establishments, just to name a few.


Small Scale Commissions
When you are considering the appropriateness of different types of artwork for your place of business or a more private venue, consultations can be very effective in helping you to understand what it is that you need, and what your options are. Our director will meet with you to determine your specific requirements, based on your budget. If you do not have an established budget for artwork, a consultant can visit your facility for a fee, and provide you with a proposed budget. If a facility is still in the planning stages and does not yet exist, the consultant will prepare a budget based on your floor plans. Please note that the fee will be credited toward the total purchase price of the artwork.