Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to maintain our reputation as an energetic, outgoing and accessible online art gallery and corporate/public art consulting business. We aim to provide a consultancy service as well as present carefully selected artworks to an increasingly diverse audience and collectors. Our vision is to expand our business into promoting an appreciation for the arts to our customers, the general public and the organisations we work with. We aim to develop and integrate our brand (JUSTNANCO) into a household name in the art market.”

In terms of our added values, we provide and commission art works with exceptional brilliance to our customers. Our services are tailored to customer needs as they are the most important part of our business; we are dependent on them. They are not an interruption to our business but the purpose of it. Our customers are not outsiders to our business, they are part of it. We are not doing them a favour by serving them. They are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.

In terms of our branded value we are:


... to our customers
We work with our customers to help them achieve their objectives. We are determined to deliver on our commitments - reliably every time.

… as a team
We go the extra mile. We do what we promise. we are responsive to our customers and set high goals and deliver against them.  
We are ambitious for our company. We are a confident, a high quality and truly professional team.


... for our customers
We provide our customers with intelligent, creative answers to release their potential. We bring them the best people and skill from around the world to deliver something special.

… as a team
We enjoy learning. We use our initiative. We are creative in finding new ways to do things.

… as a business
We create new possibilities for the future. We keep ahead of the game. We share and build upon knowledge. We turn an idea, creation or invention into something valuable and successful. On its own, creativity isn’t enough. This is why with us, innovation follows creativity and invention. It’s where we successfully introduce new ideas, methods and things. In essence, it’s the transition from conception to effective execution. 


... towards our customers
We work with our customers in an open and collaborative way. We react flexibly to their changing needs. We are culturally close to our customers. We really understand their need, business and the markets in which they operate.

… as a team
We willingly seek and offer help and seek best practice. We happily work with people from across the team to provide the best to our customers. We act with integrity and honesty at all times.

… inside Justnanco
We provide a professional working environment where talented people develop and prosper. We communicate openly and value team spirit. We are collaborative - working together across borders to deliver for our customers.